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Cronkhite Wealth Strategies

Cronkhite Wealth Strategies



Our vision is unclouded…

We stand for free enterprise and capitalism… We stand for the American Dream! Our vision is to help you, and every one of our clients with support and insight in creating a battle plan that will champion your American Dream… One that distinguishes investing from gambling and speculating. One that will shield you from the exploitation of the financial industry.

Our values are steadfast…

As a company, we live by a set of values that guides everything we do. We stand for integrity and pledge to honor our word. We are committed to the Fiduciary Standard – in all circumstances we put the needs of our investors above all other considerations.

We believe in truth and clarity.

We are committed to arming you with empirically tested Nobel prize winning investing principles. Tools that you will need to stay the course and not make potentially costly mistakes by panicking. The strategies, coaching and education we provide are designed to empower investors to have breakthroughs in thinking and behavior with regard to money and investing.

We Believe in collaboration…

We’re in this together. Our collaborative approach is a two-way street. This is not a sales process, this is a coaching process. Your participation and commitment in the coaching process is a requirement. (After all, It’s your American dream) If you do the work, my promise and commitment to find a way forward together is lifelong and iron-clad.

We believe in responsiveness…

This is not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. We believe that a successful investing experience is about more than creating efficient portfolios, its also about helping investors overcome the instinctive behaviors that can destroy long-term results and erode confidence in reaching your goals. The riddle of investing has already been solved. Our commitment is to give you the tools necessary to navigate the sometimes confusing and overwhelming process of investing.